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Escape hood NH15-K

in 30 sec.

Shelf life
5 year

for 40 min

Escape hood NH15-K

Designed for emergency evacuation and rescue in case of H2S escape at hazardous production facilities. The NH15-K hood has a shelf life of 5 years and provides a high level of protection for the respiratory system, eyes and face for minimum one hundred minutes at 5,000 ppm H2S concentrations in the air. It is made of a transparent material that protects the face from direct vapors and splashes of liquid, as well as providing excellent visual communication during the evacuation. Dual low-profile filters on a unique articulated system are equipped with the latest filtering system, which reduces breathing resistance, and the front reflector facilitates identification of personnel in low light conditions.

Availability in 30 sec.

Providing critical respiratory protection from the effects of negative factors while using chemical, biological, radiological and atomic weapons (CBRN) for 30 seconds after opening the protective packaging and putting on a protective hood

Shelf life 5 year

Provides protection for 5 years shelf life without the need for maintenance

Protection for 40 min

Provides users with respiratory, vision and face protection from exposure to negative factors while using chemical, biological, radiological and atomic weapons (CBRN) for at least 40 minutes to provide them with sufficient time to evacuate from the infection area

Manufacturer of modern respiratory protective equipment

"Akbarys Protection" LLP

As part of the implementation of the strategy to develop the domestic market of manufacturers and goods needed in the oil and gas industry, Akbarys Protection LLP invested in the creation of a new enterprise and the construction of a plant for the production of evacuation rescue hoods NH15-K.

The company is an active participant of the "Business Roadmap 2020" Program. They invested their own funds in the enterprise and used Government support measures. The plant was built in the SEZ "Astana - New City" at the address Industrial Park No. 1, Nur-Sultan, 92 street, building number 5.

The new Plant is provided with unique equipment for the production of respiratory protective equipment at potentially hazardous production facilities. The filtering ability of the hoods is patented and provides reliable protection against a list of toxic gases, including hydrogen sulfide.

The plant uses new innovative technologies and produces more than 40,000 pcs. masks per year, thereby providing local customers with quality world-class products with the possibility of exporting to the countries of the Caspian region

The project has started in 2017 and total investment is amounted to about 1 billion tenge.

The project has social significance, through ensuring employment of the population. The number of employees is 36 people, most of them are women

Clients and Partners

More than 15000 NH15-K are already in use by our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should i carry out inspection of NH15-K hood?

Tagged hoods have to be inspected at least once per 6 month by the appropriate QHSE-Akbarys representatives and then retagged.
In case of foil damage immediately inform your supervisor and replace damaged hood.
By specifying this information, the Manufacturer implied to a long-term storage with constant influence of such conditions. In this particular case, it seems unlikely that the escape hoods would be stored in such conditions for a long time (10-11 hours at most).
Operational temperature of NH15-K from -40 С to +60 С.
NO, NH15-K is belong to cartridge filter hood and not intended to use in atmosphere with potential concentration of oxygen less than 19.5%.

6. The NH-15K user’s manual says that the escape hood will provide protection for a period of approximately 15 minutes. In some situations it is not enough for evacuation, is it?

The time specified is a guaranteed period of protection, as the escape hood is intended to be used in the distance and outside of possible gas release sources. The calculation was made with the application of special method which allows the use of such protection means.

7. Apart from H2S, what are the other gases from which the NH15-K will provide protection? As there might be other substances contained in a gas release.

It is true, the associated gas may contain various hazardous gases, but still, the most dangerous threat is H2S and its concentration, and for that reason all actions and activities are related to protection against H2S.

8. As per GOST 12.4.285-2015 (Page #8, ‘ Hood’), the hood should be one-sized. Is this requirement being met?

The design of a self-rescuer fully meets this requirement as the hood of all self-rescuers provided is one-sized, there is only difference between sizes of neck dress (seal).

9. As per GOST 12.4.285-2015 RPE should be designed to meet anthropometric measures of a human body and the size/length range of a product to cover all categories of users, including usability aspects that are maintained by the relevant adjustment and fixation systems providing option to select particular size range. Is this requirement being met?

Our product range includes three sizes covering all user categories: XS (305mm to 330mm neck size), Regular (330mm to 457mm neck size) and L (457mm to 558mm neck size).
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